“Kuya Anthony Palmer brings his nearly twenty years of FMA experience to his Crypto Kali instruction. When the Pandemic hit, Kuya Anthony brought his teaching online, providing me with the rare opportunity to significantly advance my training while staying safe. From learning the micro-mechanics that distinguish beginners from advanced practicioners, to elegant pacing and chambering techniques, this chance to train with a master online is fantastic.”

Owen Gottlieb Ph. D.
RIT Professor, Rochester, NY

“I have studied knife fighting and in safe sparring always seemed to end up as a pin cushion. Wanting to improve my skillset I wanted to study KALI but found no local instruction in Indianapolis. Further investigation led me to Anthony Palmer in New York. Anthony is Doug Marcaida’s Senior instructor and is able to instruct virtually over the Internet. Anthony is a practitioner of different martial arts styles but during our instruction keeps Doug Marcaida’s Kali teachings pure. This is all I want. Very unique practice sessions with attention to the smallest detail have helped me improve exponentially in a short amount of time. If you want o learn KALI; this is your guy. Antony is much like a skilled surgeon with special tools. During crazy times it’s important to take care of the ones you love. Anthony Palmer is someone highly recommended in order to teach how to do this.

Indianapolis, Indiana